Weekly Journal June 7-13

I finally got through my backlog of reviews and are now back on track. Only two more weeks until my five weeks holiday, that feels good. Lots of stuff to finish at work before tough I hope to give you at least a post per day up until then. I have piles of books waiting to be read, that makes me happy (there probably is something wrong with me).

TV news have dried up now with summer time and reruns. I expect me to write about the premieres at least.

This week’s Formidable Female Protagonists in Science Fiction

  1. Shan Frankland – Immortal Diplomat
  2. Acorna – Unicorn Girl
  3. Moon – Clone Goddess
  4. Cordelia Naismith – Free Your Mind
  5. Catherine Li – Human Construct

This week’s Female Protagonists on SF TV was Jane Vasco on Painkiller Jane. The first half of that show really had potential.

You might also want to check out the New Books in June and Ove’s Monthly Journal May 2010. Recommendations for New Science Fiction in June will be out Tuesday June 15.

Books read this week:

  1. The January Dancer by Michael Flynn (Firestar Future 1) [Review June 14]
  2. Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris (True Blood 10)
  3. Overthrowing Heaven by Mark L. van Name (Jon & Lobo 3) [Review coming up]
  4. Up Jim River by Michael Flynn (Firestar Future 2) [Review coming up]

Reviews of earlier reads

  1. Haze by L. E. Modesitt Jr
  2. The Noise Within by Ian Whates (Book 1 in a series)

My backlog of books to review

  1. Watch by Robert J. Sawyer (WWW 2) [Review on TLR June 15]
Books received this week, bought by me unless stated otherwise:
  1. The Radiant Seas by Catherine Asaro & Julie Bell (Saga of the Skolian Empire)
  2. Catch The Lightning by Catherine Asaro (Saga of the Skolian Empire)
  3. Ascendant Sun by Catherine Asaro (Saga of the Skolian Empire)