Weekly Journal May 24-30

Next week will be Neal Asher Week but also turn of the month so expect recommended new books, What’s Up on June TV and the Monthly Reading Journal.

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This week’s Formidable Female Protagonists in Science Fiction where:

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  1. Ariane Kedros – Killer of Worlds – New book this year
  2. Chanur – Alien Trader
  3. Priscilla ‘Hutch’ Hutchins – Starship Pilot
  4. Kylara Vatta – Fixing The Family
  5. Cirroco Jones – Captain & Wizard

As always the list is generated at random from my new extensive list of formidable females. We now have 35 FFPinSF and at least 36 more to go. To extend on that and also to promote my other interest Television I posted part 4 of  [Female Protagonists on SF TV] Molly Anne Caffrey on Threshold.

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Articles of interest:

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Books read this week

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  1. Wake by Robert J. Sawyer (WWW 1) [Review coming soon]
  2. Polity Agent by Neal Asher (Cormac 4) [Review June 5]

Books reviewed this week

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  1. Victorious by Jack Campbell (Lost Fleet 6)
  2. South Coast by Nathan Lowell (A Shaman’s Tale in the Golden Age of the Solar Clippers 1)

My backlog of books to review, I am saving Neal Asher up for the Neal Asher Week.

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  1. Shadow of the Scorpion by Neal Asher (an Agent Cormac novel) [Review May 31]
  2. Grindlinked by Neal Asher (Agent Cormac 1) [Review June 1]
  3. The Line of the Polity by Neal Asher (Agent Cormac 2) [Review June 2]
  4. Brass Man by Neal Asher (Agent Cormac 3) [Review June 3]
  5. South Coast by Nathan Lowell (A Shaman’s Tale in the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper) – audiobook [May 30]
  6. Victorious by Jack Campbell (Lost Fleet 6) [Review May 27]
  7. The Noise Within by Ian Whates [Review coming soon]
  8. Winter Song by Colin Harvey [Review coming soon]

Books received this week, bought by me unless stated otherwise:

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  1. Wake by Robert J. Sawyer (WWW 1)
  2. Watch by Robert J. Sawyer (WWW 2)
  3. The Lotus Eaters by Tom Cratman (Carrera 3)
  4. Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris (Southern Vampires 10)
  5. Conspirator by C. J. Cherryh (Foreigner 10)
  6. The Skinner by Neal Asher (Splatterjay 1)
  7. The Voyager of the Sable Keech (Splatterjay 2)