Weekly Journal October 18-24

I been quite a busy week again, not much time to read but I managed one book and to listen to three. The Hunger Games Trilogy was very captivating so I ended up listening to all three books.

Notable posts this week

I have started to look into the forecasts for next year. This week I covered Jaine Fenn’s Bringer of Light and had some Lazy Book Thoughts on Saturday.

Haven has had it’s first seasonal run so I thought it was time to sum it up a bit and celebrate Audrey Parker on Haven [Female Protagonists on SciFi TV].

In other happy news my favorite show Chuck has been given a full season.

Monthly Posts

New SSF Books in November

My pick of books for November. Check Forthcoming SF Books for a time table for interesting releases up until 2012.

First Releases:

Re-Releases and Omnibus:
A Legacy of Honour (Gird 1-2 omnibus) by Elizabeth Moon (Orbit)

New SF Books in October

Here is my pick for October: New Science Fiction Books in October 2010:

Books Read

  1. Mockingjay (The Hunger Games book 3) by Suzanne Collins (Scholastic 2010)
  2. Catching Fire (The Hunger Games book 2) by Suzanne Collins (Scholastic 2009)
  3. The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games book 1) by Suzanne Collins (Scholastic 2008)
  4. Farseed (Seed book 2) by Pamela Sargent (Tor 2007)

Reviews to be published

  1. The Sunless Countries (Virga 4) by Karl Schroeder (Tor 2009)
  2. Earthseed (Seed Trilogy book 1) by Pamela Sargent (Tor 1983)
  3. Queen of Candesce (Virga book 2, Omnibus Virga: Cities of Air) by Karl Schroeder (Tor 2007)
  4. Sun of Suns (Virga book 1, Omnibus Virga: Cities of Air) by Karl Schroeder (Tor 2006)
  5. The Domino Pattern (Quadrail book 4) by Timothy Zahn (Tor)
  6. The Genius Gene (Catherine Fox Trilogy 1) by Howard Birnberg (Book Guild 2010)
  7. The Way of Kings (Stormlight Archive book 1) by Brandon Sanderson (Tor/MacMillan Audio 2010)
  8. A New Hope (2/4 Cavalry book 1) by Eric Johnson (Amazon kindle 2010)
  9. A Plague of Angels (A Plague of Angels book 1) by Sheri S. Tepper (HarperCollins 1994)
  10. Engima (Harmony book 2) by C. F. Bentley (Daw)
  11. Awakened Mage (Kingmaker Kingbreaker book 2) by Karen Miller (Orbit)
  12. Innocent Mage (Kingmaker Kingbreaker book 1) by Karen Miller (Orbit)
  13. Palimpsest by Catherynne M Valente (Bantam Spectra)
  14. Julian Comstock by Robert Charles Wilson (Tor)
  15. The City and the City by China Miéville (MacMillan 2009) – TLR
  16. Vishnu at the Cat Circus by Ian McDonald (Pyr/Gollancz) – a novella
  17. Ashes and Stars (Omega Point Trilogy book 1) by George Zebrowski

Books bought by me this week

  1. Zones of Thoughts (Omnibus: A Fire Upon the Deep, A Deepness in the Sky) by Vernor Vinge (Gollancz 2010)
  2. Gauntlgrym (Neverwinter book 1) by R. A. Salvatore (Wizards of the Coast 2010)