Weekly Journal October 25-31

The new Longknife made my week; otherwise I have been busy painting in the kitchen. Blogging has been fun and I have spent some more time on it this week.

Notable posts this week

I had a look at the development slate for new science fiction and fantasy shows and there are some interesting stuff coming up, one I had not noticed before was Orion, I hope they make that into a series. Treasure hunter in space with a bit of western flair sounds right.

I have started to look into the forecasts for next year. This week I started a new semi-recurring post called The State of Books. It might not be every week but as soon as I have some progress to tell you about the books I am waiting on, I will let you know.

Ah, Halloween was a perfect time to premiere The Walking Dead. The pilot was a good start.

My series about Formidable Female Protagonists in Science Fiction returned this week with five good ones. If you haven’t read Karl Schroeder’s Virga series, you should. It is wonderful post singularity steampunk. I have not read The Horns of Ruin (Eva Forge) yet but it should be in the mail soon. That is a book I am looking forward to. The other books are quite good too. This makes it 130.

  1. Zoheret – Seedling (Pamela Sargent)
  2. Eva Forge – Last Paladin (Tim Akers)
  3. Leal Hieronyma Maspeth – Unraveler of Truth (Karl Schroeder)
  4. Kristin Bjornsen – Freedom Champion (Anne McCaffrey)
  5. Neela Cord – Caretaker (Dani Kollin & Eytan Kollin)

Monthly Posts

My monthly posts are coming up in the next few days.

New SSF Books in November

My pick of books for November will get an update tomorrow. Check Forthcoming SF Books for a time table for interesting releases up until 2012.

First Releases:

Re-Releases and Omnibus:
A Legacy of Honour (Gird 1-2 omnibus) by Elizabeth Moon (Orbit)

New SF Books in October

Here is my pick for October: New Science Fiction Books in October 2010:

Books Read

  1. Redoubtable (Kris Longknife book 8) by Mike Shepherd (Ace 2010)

Reviews to be published

  1. The Sunless Countries (Virga 4) by Karl Schroeder (Tor 2009)
  2. Earthseed (Seed Trilogy book 1) by Pamela Sargent (Tor 1983)
  3. Queen of Candesce (Virga book 2, Omnibus Virga: Cities of Air) by Karl Schroeder (Tor 2007)
  4. Sun of Suns (Virga book 1, Omnibus Virga: Cities of Air) by Karl Schroeder (Tor 2006)
  5. The Domino Pattern (Quadrail book 4) by Timothy Zahn (Tor) – on TLR
  6. The Genius Gene (Catherine Fox Trilogy 1) by Howard Birnberg (Book Guild 2010)
  7. The Way of Kings (Stormlight Archive book 1) by Brandon Sanderson (Tor/MacMillan Audio 2010)
  8. A New Hope (2/4 Cavalry book 1) by Eric Johnson (Amazon kindle 2010) upcoming review at TLR
  9. A Plague of Angels (A Plague of Angels book 1) by Sheri S. Tepper (HarperCollins 1994)
  10. Engima (Harmony book 2) by C. F. Bentley (Daw)
  11. Awakened Mage (Kingmaker Kingbreaker book 2) by Karen Miller (Orbit)
  12. Innocent Mage (Kingmaker Kingbreaker book 1) by Karen Miller (Orbit)
  13. Palimpsest by Catherynne M Valente (Bantam Spectra)
  14. Julian Comstock by Robert Charles Wilson (Tor)
  15. Vishnu at the Cat Circus by Ian McDonald (Pyr/Gollancz) – a novella
  16. Ashes and Stars (Omega Point Trilogy book 1) by George Zebrowski

Books bought by me this week

  1. Redoubtable (Kris Longknife book 8) by Mike Shepherd (Ace 2010)