Weekly Journal September 12-18 2011

Another busy week. REAMDE has kept me busy when reading, splendid book, near future and not much science fiction. IKEA kept me busy over the weekend as I assembled my new working place as seen below with electric height adjustment. Now I need to upgrade the computer-iron to the same level…

True Blood‘s finale last Sunday closed a lot of this season’s plots and laid up for the next. Poor Lafayette but at least the witch is dead. Debbie Pelt survived longer than in the books wonder if the investigation and persecution will go along the same ways as the books though? Do Sookie leaving Bill and Eric leave a spot for Alcid? It didn’t look that way, maybe there is another were for Sookie? I remember a Tiger from the books. Russel is out of the foundation and the vampires are on the verge on civil war. Time for a peace conference? I don’t know. Next season could go many ways It might even be a fae war.

Another genre show bites the dust. ABC Family’s Nine Lives of Chloe King was canceled this week with hints that they would be remaking Beauty & The Beast instead. If you have not seen Nine Lives yet I advice strongly against it. The finale leaves a horrible cliffhanger you will never see the resolution of.

Next week is Fall Premiere week and I will be too busy watching to write much.


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