Weekly Journal September 19-25 2011

This has been a rough week with way to much television. There has been way to little time for reading lately but I hope next week is better.

Neal Stephenson‘s REAMDE was my best read this week. Wonderful writing but not much science fiction about MMO gaming and international terrorism.

New Shows

Person of Interest got a good start. Finch and Reese has interesting dynamics. Two believed to be dead guys fighting crime that is about to happen. Their first case is Anna ‘Handsome’ a district attorney. Surprising twists and a good cast. I am intrigued.

A Gifted Man is kind of a genre show too. Mike lives to be a surgeon. One day he has dinner with his former wife. The day after he learns she has been dead for a fortnight. Not so much genre as human interest and drama but I want to watch a few more episodes.

Some new non-genre shows also premiered and I did watch some of them too. Prime Suspects got a spunky female detective you should check out. The boys club there was a great angle but it felt more British than American. Another female lead to check out is Carrie Wells in Unforgettable. Revenge however is more on the dark side with a female bent on revenge. Cute girls and sinister plans. Was that murder we saw in the beginning the end of the season? I hate knowing things like that. Charlies Angels première was a bit shocking but sexy girls doesn’t make a show, sexy girls, cars and guns though… I expected more humor and banter but that could be the old show talking. Comedy wise I liked Two Broke Girls and New Girl not so much which seems to be the opposite to the general opinion. One episode doesn’t make a show though, a new show deserves at least three episodes.

Returning shows

Fringe, my Fringe popped season four with the two Olivias discussing trust. Seems like there is very little of that going on between the two universes and what looked like a doppelganger attack doesn’t help either. The observers want to keep Peter’s disappearance hidden for reasons unknown while the cast keep missing something ore someone wherever they go. The “I need to check her anus” comment from Walter just cracked me up, especially by Astrid’s deadpan reaction.  The new enemies are cool and Peter is definitely around there somewhere. This is a season I am really looking forward to.

Supernatural continues where last season left off. Dean is fixing the car and Sam is fighting the memories from hell while Castiel visits his new flock. The news about god in a raincoat looking sexy is so typical of this show. This season is supposed to be a return to the road movie of the past but so far it has taken a different path than I expected. I did not expect that ending but the on the run Butch and Sundance talks makes sense now.

The wonderful Nathan Fillion returned this week with Castle. The murder of Becket’s father case grows into a full conspiracy and Castle would do anything to protect Kate even lie to her and she has already been shot once because of it. Nothing stops him from investigating on his own though. Looks like another great season. I know it is not genre but it is Nathan Fillion, which is enough.

The Big Bang Theory returned with the usual fun. I so understand why it was renewed for next year too. That is one of my favorite shows. Two and a Half Men came back without Charlie and the first episode was hilarious.

None genre favorite Harry’s Law is also back with a new enemy.

Next week the premieres continues. Terra Nova on Monday especially interests me.


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