What’s New or Returning on TV This Week (22-28 February 2010)?

Last week of the Olympics, it is good when we can get back to normal tv. Ration week, one show per day!

Past Life Canceled

Not very surprising that this happened, I am always expecting bad shows to get better, and it had some small potential. But not much.

Reincarnation series Past Life canceled by FOX. It is no longer scheduled on Thursdays. Fox says the remaining episodes of “Past Life” will be burned off sometime later this season.
Source the Live Feed


Monday is a sad day for me this week only one show of the many ones I love is on.

Life Unexpected 1.06 – Truth Unrevealed

Last weeks episode Turtle Undefeated where somewhat disappointing.

Radio station management convince Cate and Ryan to bring Baze on their radio show, which turns into a public therapy session. Meanwhile, Lux tries to convince Jones to drop the charges against Bug.


This is a lost day, but wait, there is more.

White Collar 1.12 – Bottlenecked

An old rival dares Neal to make a fake copy of a bottle of wine originally owned by Ben Franklin.


Psych 4.14 – Think Tank

Shawn and Gus are thrilled when they’re asked to join an elite security company, but the team to which they are assigned are not quite as thrilled with their unconventional techniques and the affect it has on their latest assignment: preventing the assassination of a billionaire executive.


Burn Notice 3.15 – Good Intentions

Fiona goes undercover in a kidnapping ring, while Michael continues to work with Gilroy.


Smallville 9.14 – Conspiracy

When a doctor that the Kandorians resurrected for experimentation becomes determined to prove that aliens have invaded Earth, he kidnaps several of Zod’s people and Lois in the hopes of exposing the truth. Zod disguises himself as a Daily Planet reporter, but is shot during his efforts.

Caprica 1.06 – There is another sky

Joseph connects with his son, while his daughter discovers a new side of the V-world.


Legend of the Seeker 2.13 – Princess

No synopsis out yet, but we have a picture

Sunday – nothing I watch