What’s New or Returning on TV This Week? (8-14 March 2010)

This is a more normal week but still few genre shows Chuck, The Big Bang Theory and Caprica since I am not into Lost.

Sons of Tuscon premieres, Castle is back from hiatus. Season finales from  Psych, White Collar and Numb3rs (Series finale?).

Sons of Tuscon 1.01 – Pilot (FOX) Series Premiere

This is a new comedy and I will wait until a few episodes to say anything. Unless it totally rocks my world.

Sunday 14

In the tradition of “Malcolm in the Middle” and “The Bernie Mac Show,” SONS OF TUCSON is a family comedy about three brothers who hire a charming, wayward schemer to stand in as their father when their real one goes to prison. What begins as a business relationship evolves into something more complex and compelling: a family unlike any we’ve ever seen.

The three brothers find their dad-for-hire, Ron Snuffkin (Tyler Labine, “Reaper”), at the local sporting good store. Ron will be forced to draw on a wide array of skills and a vast bag of tricks as he steps into the patriarch role to take care of the boys of the Gunderson family.

Robby Gunderson (Davis Cleveland, “How I Met Your Mother”), 8, is a loose cannon who doesn’t respond well to authority;

Gary Gunderson (Frank Dolce, “Doubt”), 11, is a bright and street-savvy leader who is every bit the con man his father is;

Brandon Gunderson (Troy Gentile, “Entourage”), 13, is a gentle free spirit who simply goes along for the ride.

Maggie Morales (Natalie Martinez, “Saints & Sinners”), Robby’s second-grade teacher and the object of Ron’s affection, might just be the only stable figure in the lives of this quirky quartet.

While SONS OF TUCSON is grounded in the day-to-day challenges of a single-parent home, nothing in the Gunderson household is quite what it seems. An ongoing chess match between Ron and the boys will keep both parties on their toes, as neither side can afford to give up too much power or independence.

Pilot: When the Gunderson boys Brandon, Gary and Robby hire Ron Snuffkin to pretend to be their father after their real father goes to prison, they find out that there’s more to their “fake” dad than meets the eye. Ron has to enroll them in school, convince Robby’s teacher to keep him in her class, sweet-talk the principal, locate mint-condition toy soldiers at his grandmother’s house and avoid a thug who wants his money.

House 6.05 – Private Lives (FOX) returns from hiatus

Monday 8th

House (Hugh Laurie) and the team take on the case of an avid blogger (guest star Laura Prepon, “That ‘70s Show”) admitted with sudden bruising and bleeding. From her hospital bed, the patient blogs about her symptoms, doctors and prospective diagnoses to her dedicated band of followers and solicits their advice on a course of treatment. Such openness leads the team to contemplate the value of privacy, especially after House and Wilson uncover secrets from one another’s past.

Gossip Girl 3.13 – The Hurt Locket (The CW) returning from hiatus

Monday 8th

Nate and Serena decide to explore the boundaries of their friendship. Blair suspects that Chuck is having problems forgetting about the woman (guest star Laura Harring) he saw at his father’s grave. Jenny agrees to accompany Damien (guest star Kevin Zegers) to a State Dinner but is unaware that he needs her help with a drug exchange. Vanessa and Dan attempt to move past the awkwardness of Dan’s confession of love. Rufus returns from a ski trip and tries his best to avoid Lily.

Castle 2.06 – The Mistress Always Spank Twice (ABC) returning from hiatus

Monday 8th

This is a show that keeps getting better and better and now its back with another saucy episode.

When a half-naked woman is found covered in caramel sauce and hanging by bondage cuffs in a public park, Castle and Beckett’s investigation takes them into New York’s underground world of sexual domination. Naturally the case serves as sexy fodder for their already charged relationship banter

Monday 8th

This is a crazy night All the channels are pouring so much into Mondays.

Chuck 3.09 –  Chuck vs the Beard (NBC)

With promotional pictures like this you don’t have to watch the episode to know it’s great. But believe me I will watch Chuck!

Chuck gets benched when he can’t flash Brandon Routh (“Superman Returns”). Chuck feels like his life is falling apart when he can’t flash and gets left behind for a mission. While Shaw, Sarah and Casey go on without him, Chuck finds himself in a sticky situation back at the base.

Life Unexpected 1.07 – Bride Unabrided (The CW)

Cate and Ryan try to pretend to be happy as they host wedding expo, but the situation worsens when Baze and Math show up. After watching Lux do nothing for days, Baze asks Jones for help to cheer her up.

The Big Bang Theory 3.17 – The Precious Fragmentation (CBS)

Who will be Frodo and who will be Gollum?

The discovery of a prop ring from The Lord of the Rings movies puts a strain on the guys’ friendship.

Tuesday 9th

So far Tuesdays have been CBS day for me. NCIS is a long time favorite still going strong with a lovable cast. Wonder what Ziba is going to do this week? The Good Wife is a strong newcommer with brilliant acting. Parenthood is a new show with an impressive cast (review coming in a few weeks when I have seen a few more episodes).

NCIS 7.17 – Double Identity (CBS)

The NCIS team stumbles upon a surprising discovery as they investigate the shooting of a Marine

NCIS Los Angeles 1.17 – Full Throttle (CBS)

The team investigates the death of a sailor involved in illegal street racing. The situation becomes more concerning when they realize that he had classified Navy equipment with him.

The Good Wife 1.16 – Fleas (CBS)

Alicia and Will defend an attorney arrested for murder, while Peter stategizes with his team on how to handle his retiral and his public rehabilitation.

Parenthood 1.02 – Man vs Possum (NBC)

A review will come after episode three.

Adam and Kristina try to cope with their son’s Asperger’s Syndrome. Sarah is job hunting with the help of Zeek that pushes her to dream big. Meanwhile, Crosby bonds with his son and Julia deals with a difficult mom from Sydney’s school.

White Collar 1.14 – Out of The Box (USA) 1st season finale

Neal and Alex try to get their hands on the music box while Peter seeks for help to get finally rid of Fowler

Wednesday 10th

Human Target 1.08 – Salvage & Reclamanation (FOX)

Chance travels to South America to rescue an archaeologist, but falls in with an old flame while attempting to rescue the man from the South American army and a bounty hunter.

Cougar Town 1.17 – She’s Flying Solo (ABC)

Laurie needs a co-signer to buy her first condo and her absent mother its no help at all. Meanwhile, Bobby is mugged by a woman and Travis comes to Barb’s help after her latest cosmetic surgery procedure.

Psych 4.16 – Mr Yin Presents (USA) 4th Season Finale

Don’t worry it will be back for a 5th season next summer.

Mr. Yang makes good on her promise to return, and this time she’s in a cinematic frame of mind as she tests Shawn’s knowledge of Hitchcock films and lore in return for clues to the puzzle she’s set.

Thursday 11th

Archer 1.09 – Job Offer

Archer takes a better-paying job at rival agency ODIN, and Malory is determined to get him back.

The Mentalist 2.06 – Code Red

After being poisoned with a toxin, bioweapons researcher Dr. Alicia Seberg asks Jane the CBI to find a terrifying bioterrorist.

Friday 12th

Ghost Whisperer 5.16 – Old Sins Cast Long Shadows (CBS)

Melinda Battles for the soul of a little girl who’s been trapped in a hounted house for years.

Caprica 1.08 – The Imperfections of Memory (Syfy)

Amanda’s life spirals out of control as she begins to see visions of her brother, who died years earlier. As a result, Clarice sees an opportunity to gain her trust and we learn a dark secret from Amanda’s past that could have major implications for her life with Daniel.

Medium 6.16 – Allison Rolen Got Married (CBS)

Viewers get a look back at Allison and Joe’s wedding, and how the growing strength of Allison’s “powers” affected the soon-to-be-married couple

Numb3rs 6.16 – Cause and Effect (CBS) 6th season finale

Don and the team investigate when his lost gun is used to commit a series of crimes.

Spartacus: Blood & Sand 1.08 – Mark of the Brotherhood

Batiatus thinks about selling Crixus after he buys new slaves. Meanwhile, IIythia tries to find someone to kill Spartacus.

Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th

Weekends don’t do much for me at the moment, it is good to have books to read and a blog to write.