William H. Keith alias Ian Douglas (author)

What I like with William H.Keith is the epic warrior sagas he writes and the way he uses hard science as a foundation for his science fiction technology. His world building is also excellent and his plots are well though out.

Now and then he sneaks in a bit of psionic meta physics.

Among other things William served as a Navy hospital  Corpsman during the Vietnam era. That experience shows in his books.

He also has an amazing number of aliases.


  • Ian Douglas: Heritage, Legacy and Inheritance trilogy.
  • H. Jay Riker: SEALs: The Warrior Breed and The Silent Service series. Used both by the author and his brother Andrew.
  • Keith Douglass: Carrier (1-7) and SEAL Team Seven (1-3). Used both by the author and his brother Andrew.
  • Bill Keith: Not really a pseudonym. two-book near-future military series from Harper.
  • Robert Cain: Cybernarc series
  • Keith William Andrews: Freedom’s Rangers with his brother Andrew.


Star Carrier as Ian Douglas

  1. Earth Strike
  2. Book II will be published in 2011

Heritage series (Stellar Marine Universe,) as Ian Douglas

Covers the American Marine Corps mission and exploration of our solar system in the late 21st century. They find alien technology almost everywhere, and traces of repeated strikes by an alien race to exterminate intelligent life.

  1. Semper Mars
  2. Luna Marine
  3. Europa Strike

Legacy series (Stellar Marine Universe) as Ian Douglas

Covers the first stellar missions as humanity starts to explore and colonize nearby stars. The Marines fight first the An then the Xul.

  1. Star Corps
  2. Battlespace
  3. Star Marines

Inheritance series (Stellar Marine Universe) as Ian Douglas

Covers the interstellar wars with the Xul from the first ant like raids by the Marines to the final battle 4004 AD.

  1. Star Strike
  2. Galactic Corps
  3. Semper Human