Worlds of Weber by David Weber part 2

After the dive into the 1632 universe i got back and finished Worlds of Weber.

I must say the stories in there are more like novellas than short stories, which made me happy. David really catches me in his story-weaves.

  1. A Certain talent– see part 1. It was Williamson by the way. 
  2. In the Navy – see part 1.
  3. The Captain from Kirkbean – is from Alternate Generals. Good story but not really science fiction. 
  4. Sir George and the Dragon – Middle age knight and longbow men kidnapped by aliens to serve as mercenary slaves.
  5. Sword Brother –  is an excellent fantasy story about a contemporary American fighting vehicles in a magical world. It is also about it’s driver and the brother in arms he finds.
  6. A Beautiful Friendship– Treecats first bindings with humans is a strong story from Honorverse.
  7. Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington – Honors first voyage.
  8. Miles to Go– A Bolo love story
  9. The Traitor– There are no Bolo traitors.

In conclusion it is a good buy, but all the stories have been in other publications. So buy this one only if you want those stories and don’t already have them.