Yellow Eyes (Posleen) by John Ringo & Tom Kratman

This book describe the defence of Panama in the Posleen war. A decent read, not so developed characters. The most interesting person in the story is a Battle Cruiser (sea).

The Posleen war stories takes place in an Universe where a Galactic Federation is attacked by the relentless Posleen (a reptilian race like 8 out of 10 evil races). Many of the races in the federation have been uplifted by an ancient race Aldenata (The series are also called that sometimes). The Posleen were also uplifted once but revolted. The Federation is run by Darhels, a race of former predators (they are modified by the Aldenata to die after killing. So they can kill once). The rest of the races can’t kill and are seldom more than debt slaves. The Darhels use trade and diplomacy as an outlet for their killer mentality. Faceing extinction from the ruthless Posleen that attack planet after planet, eating everything that comes in their way the Darhels decide to use the humans to fight back. But they fear the humans almost as much as the Posleen so they try to sabotage the war effort to decimate the human race and make the few that will survive gratefull and in debt to them.

John Ringo don’t shine so bright in this book as in the Empire of Man/Prince Roger series (which he wrote with David Weber. They are one of my favorites btw).

Tom Kratman I haven’t read much of, this is the second book I have read that he made with John (the first was Watch on the Rhine).